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The Venue Hours are for special events. Contact us for information about how to Book your Private Event or concert.

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About The Venue

THE VENUE is a comfortable and intimate event space with adjoining lounge/coffee bar.  
Designed to host a variety of events from Private Parties to Recitals to Concert Events. 
The Event room is acoustically tuned, fully equipped for Recording, Performing and Rehearsing.
Our staff is prepared to help you so that your experience is only the best!

To this date we have hosted  Live Concerts, Jamming Sessions, Performance Workshops and Battle of the Bands Events.
The Venue's ambiance is ideal for Student Recitals, Chamber Concerts, Jazz Nights, and Bands of all genres. 

The goal of the Venue is in part, to be a destination for musicians, artists and their fans to do what they love best. 
Perform or listen to great talent and Support musicians In pursuit of their dreams. Together, we can keep live music alive!

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